The present regulation covers the main issues pertaining to the organisation of the TransArdenne Biking Heroes Challenge. The organisers reserve the right to make any modification deemed necessary for the smooth progress of the event and the safety of all.

Every event has its regulation.

That of the TransArdenne Biking Heroes Challenge does not contain a list of offences, nor a procedure for complaints or appeals; more than just a sporting event, it is first and foremost a great adventure that aims to promote the values of solidarity.

In order to ensure that the Challenge takes place under the best possible conditions, participants are requested, however, to abide by the few rules described in this regulation.

Conditions for participation

Values and ethics

    • The participants commit to abide by the present regulation and the values it implies, that is:
  • Act in an ethical manner. Exhibit sportsmanship, solidarity and good spirit.
  • Defend the richness of difference. Contribute to a society where disability has a place.
  • Make proof of solidarity.
    • The participants act with due precaution and discernment, that is:
  • They do not engage in behaviour that may be dangerous for themselves or others.
  • They are responsible for their own safety, that of their fellows and of all participants in general.


Minimum age:

Participants shall be at least 18 years old at the time of the Challenge. However, derogations may be granted by the organisers based on a substantiated request.


Teams shall be formed of at least 3 person, one of them has to be disabled. In the case of 2 disabled person, the team has to consist of 4 people. Each team shall be autonomous in its management throughout the challenge.

Registration fee:

1.000€ per team payable by 10 May at the latest to bank account .

Medical certificate:

All participants shall hold a medical certificate of aptitude for sports, issued no more than three months prior to the date of the event.

Disabled athletes shall provide a medical certificate issued by a specialist in the field of their disability (doctor, ENT specialist or psychiatrist).

Parental consent:

For underage athletes, a parental consent form is required.

Allowed disabilities:

Physical disabilities, sensory disabilities and mild mental disabilities are allowed.


Each assistance shall have the medical equipment necessary for first aid. The team members of the disabled person shall be trained and capable of providing aid in case of need. Furthermore, every team has to be equipped with a minimum so that it can repair a flat tyre.



Captain: Each team shall designate a captain.
The captain shall be an adult. He/she shall be the contact person for the organisers.

Diversity: The mix Men/Women, Junior/Senior is fully left to the team’s discretion. No specific classification shall be made on this basis.

Replacement: Only one athlete of a team as registered for the event may be replaced. However, derogations may be granted by the organisers on the basis of a substantiated request. The organisers are informed of any replacement at least one week prior to the date of the event.


Before the event: As soon as they are set up, teams may register on the TransArdenne Biking Heroes Challenge website.

At the event: Athletes shall report to the secretary’s office at the latest one hour before the beginning. The whole team shall be present at this instance.

    • Documents: By the date of the event, organisers shall have received the following documents:
  • medical certificates of all team members,
  • copies of IDs of all team members,
  • parental consent of the legal representative(s) for minors,
  • any other document that may be useful to the organisers in view of optimising the safety of all athletes.

These documents shall be sent by e-mail (to before the registration deadline fixed for 15th April 2019. If they have not been provided by the requested date, the captain of the team shall make sure they are handed in on the day of the event.

Equipment: For the safety of the participants, all equipment shall be subject to a check by referees and/or organisers before the start.

The challenge

The challenge involves 3 stages:
1st stage: Esneux – Butgenbach
2nd stage: Butgenbach – Hosingen
3rd stage: Hosingen – Luxembourg
The challenge shall be realised simultaneously by all three athletes of a team, united and supportive.

All members of a team shall reach the finish line of each stage together.

Unless explicitly agreed by the organisers and justified by safety or wellness reasons of the disabled person, external help to the team or one of its members may be provided only by the team’s own assistance.

For organisational reasons, the start shall be fractioned. The teams deemed to be the slowest shall start first.

Three teams shall start every 15 minutes (this timing is subject to modification based on the number of teams participating).

Timing and prizes
Teams shall stay united and coordinated until the end. No team member changes are allowed during the race. Teams must cross the finish line together.

The captain of each team shall receive an electronic chip which allows to measure precisely the timing for each stage, the total time and the final classification.

Moreover, mandatory milestones shall be placed all along the course.

As for any sporting competition, the goal is to give one’s all, to excel oneself, to win… and above all to take part.

    • Different prizes may be won by the participants (the list below is a mere indication and may be subject to modification prior to the event):
  • Sport prize (3): awarded to the 3 teams with the best timing.
  • Regularity prize (1): awarded to the team that has shown the greatest regularity throughout the competition.
  • TABH prize (3): awarded to the 3 teams that have best defended and exhibited the values and the spirit promoted by Back2Sport and Cap2sports, i.e.: excelling oneself, sportsmanship, solidarity and commitment.
  • Supporter’s prize (1): awarded to the company, institution and/or any formal group supporting the greatest number of teams.


Number bibs are mandatory. Athletes shall display them so they are easily legible. They shall be graciously provided by the organisers. The tracker shall be placed on the disabled person’s bike.

Helmets are mandatory for everybody!


  • The organiser commits to take out an organiser’s civil liability insurance covering their civil liability and that of the competitors duly registered from the start to the finish line of the competition, for any personal injury or damage to property they may cause accidentally to a third party or among each other. Competitors shall be fully aware of the risks inherent to this type of sports event, which requires prior training and an excellent physical condition.
  • It is the competitors’ responsibility to take out an insurance policy, with an insurance of their choice, covering any personal injury or damage to property to which he/she – or his/her child – may be exposed through his/her sporting activity.
  • The organisation declines any responsibility in the event of a bodily or material accident which may happen during the event, due to failure to respect the highway code or the organisers’, the police’s or the gendarmerie’s safety instructions.
  • The organisation also declines any responsibility in the event of deterioration, loss or theft of a competitor’s personal belongings or equipment.

<h3Image rights

  • By signing the registration form, the participant surrenders his/her image rights to the organisation to reproduce and / or distribute the photographs taken during the TransArdenne Biking Heroes Challenge with the aim of promoting the event: posters, web site or any other information and communication support of Back To Sport and Cap2Sports.
  • Any possible comments or legends accompanying the reproduction of those photographs shall not harm the reputation or private life of the persons represented on the photos.