TransArdenne Biking Heroes

All Bikers Inclusive !


Back to Sport and Cap2sports, the two non-profit sports associations for disabled persons from the Revalidation Center of Rehazenter-Luxembourg, and from the University Hospital of Liege, are joining to propose a unique sport event in the BeNeLux region: the TransArdenne Biking Heroes Challenge.
The TransArdenne Biking Heroes Challenge is an inclusive sports challenge for disabled persons competing in teams, which shall take Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) from Esneux to Luxembourg. It brings together able-bodied and disabled people in a common sporting event, hence it requires a very solid physical preparation, this is where the challenge lies.


  • Independence / Novelty
  • Innovative concepts / Team spirit
  • Social diversity through inclusion
  • Surpassing oneself / Solidarity


  • To promote sports in general, and in particular endurance sports for the disabled people
  • To associate PRMs and able-bodied people in a common sporting event
  • To raise public awareness about the physical and sporting possibilities of PRMs, as well as about the difficulties they meet in everyday life



Model L

For those who do not dare to manage long distances, we offer you a simplified model with the same conditions and rules, only the number of kilometres is less.
Here are the stages:
First stage: Esneux / Coo (~ 40km). Coo / Butgenbach with the help of the organizer.
Second stage: Butgenbach / Troisvierges (~ 56km). Troisvierges / Hosingen with the help of the organizer.
Third stage: Hosingen / Luxembourg (~ 60km)

Model XL

The whole distance is 220 km: model XL
First stage: Esneux / Butgenbach (~75 km)
Second stage: Butgenbach / Hosingen (~80 km)
Third stage: Hosingen / Luxemburg (~60 km)


3 stages (Ascension week-end 2019)

Thursday 19-05-30 : Esneux – Butgenbach (~ 75km)
Friday 19-05-31 : Butgenbach – Hosingen (~ 80km)
Saturday 19-06-01 : Hosingen – Luxembourg (~ 60km)