The transportation

Buses will bring you

– Thursday 30/05 from Luxembourg to Esneux on the starting line (sports hall of Esneux). Departure from Luxembourg at 6:00 AM

– Saturday 01/06 from Luxembourg to Esneux (sports hall car park). Departure from Luxembourg to confirm

Vehicles will leave in the morning with your bags to the refueling midday (course L).

Other vehicles will leave with your bags to the finish line of the day (XL course)

L or XL ?

Distances to go :

There are 2 possibilities :

Course L= ½ distance = 40km (J1) + 40km (J2) + 60km (J3) is +/- 140km.

Course XL= 80km (J1) + 80km (J2) + 60km (J3) is +/- 220km

For the L course, bikers and their equipment will be transported to the finishline bythe organization

About the team?

As a reminder, there must be 1 or 2 disabled in the team + 2 valid persons

All types of bicycles are allowed, including electric bicycles : trikes, handbikes, tandems, classic bikes, adapted or not, …

There will be no ranking but the time will be taken for each team to have your reference time.

You will be located by GPS chip so you can be followed live

Registration fees?

Registration fee (€ 1,000 / team) includes :

– Start from Esneux : breakfast, delivery of GPS chips + bibs, briefing

– 2 nights + breakfasts in Butgenbach and Hosingen

– All meals + refreshments

– The route signs

– GPS online tracking of each team + overall ranking

– The mechanical assistance in case of big problem on the course and / or the arrivals (material expenses charged to the participants)

– Medical assistance : min 1 ambulance + 2 nurses permanently

– Motorcycle assistance (to be confirmed)

– The transport of people + bikes until the arrival for the course L

– Transport of bags at mid-term and at stage arrivals

– Transport from Luxembourg to Esneux by bus, equipment included (booking required)

– Return transport from Luxembourg to Esneux by bus, equipment included (booking required)

– “organizer” liability insurance

– 1 “finisher” t-shirt

Registration fee does not include :

– Any spare parts to be replaced on the bicycles (the bikes must be in order at the start)

– Mechanical assistance to repair small incidents on the course : punctures, chain derailments, …

– The first aid kit

– Individual sports insurance

1.500 € are to be paid on 1 of the following 2 accounts:

Cap2sports : IBAN : BE07 0689 0672 1166    –    BIC : GKCCBEBB

Back to Sport : IBAN : LU 94 0030 3154 1808 0000   –    BIC : BGLLLULL